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How do you ensure safety of the material/inventory and safe operation in the warehouse?
Posted by Dev sharma
Asked on December 1, 2017 9:34 am

In order to answer this question we need to divide it in two separate parts
-First part for safety of material/inventory.
-Second part includes the operation safety.

Material safety solely depends upon the type of material to be stored at particular warehouse or store.Subject to material type the operational measures are taken, some of the examples below are
-Fragile items are marked and handled according to instructions provided with the material and the operational set
of instructions are provided to handle particular type of material.
-Food and chemical products are handled as per instructions and storage types are defined like operating
temperature in cold storage,custom bins,FEFO(First Expiry First Out) is managed in these cases to prevent
inventory of this type.
-Heavy materials are stored using lifts etc. no manual lifting which also is a operational safety measure.

Operation safety is already explained in previous answer elaborating same for this
here are some points to insure operational safety
-Rules, instructions and risk taking:- Employer should insure all the safety rules and instruction are drawn and
communicated accordingly.for e.g implementation of 5s already discussed in other answer.
-Good housekeeping:-Disorder and untidiness cause many accidents, material damages and fires as well as make
the place less pleasant to work in.Good order insures the items are placed from where these items are picked in
first place.
-Proper Labeling :- The labels for hazardous zones should be there along with safety instructions for same.
Safe lifting techniques:-Manual lifting should totally be avoided especially for case of heavy objects.Also,never
drive a forklift or use other powered equipment without training or authorization.

Posted by Pankaj
Answered On August 24, 2018 7:46 am

Safety in the workplace is a management-driven policy. Establishing good safety practices including training, education and the appropriate safety supplies (PPE) begins with the employer’s commitment to safety.

We ensure safety at workplace by adhering to following practices across the organisation

– Proper 5s and housekeeping at all warehouses

– By ensuring signage at all risky points

– Use of MHE and necessary handling equipment at workplace

– Training of workers, supervisors and managers in regular intervals

– Maintaining the basic safety guidelines in warehouses as defined by company/client

– Using PPE at warehouses/in-side the plant at all the time

Posted by Holisol
Answered On December 1, 2017 9:35 am