11 07, 2019

The Latest Digital Trends Shaping the Future of Delivery & Logistics

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The Latest Digital Trends Shaping the Future of Delivery & Logistics
Digital transformation has dramatically increased efficiency throughout the day-to-day operations of countless industries. Repetitive tasks can be automated, information can be shared very rapidly, and workers can get things done at any time (and from almost anywhere). The Indian economy has done an excellent job of taking advantage in recent years, using digitization to make significant strides in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index — and being the only big economy to feature in the 10 most improved over the last 2 years.

Even so, there’s still so much […]

17 04, 2019

Omni-channel Retail- The Future of E-commerce

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Omni-channel Retail- The Future of E-commerce
Retailers today wish to give their customers effortless shopping experience. These days customers are not only looking for the perfect product that suits their need, but they are also demanding a seamless affair in getting that product.

The way to this smooth purchase journey starts with omnichannel retail. Omni-channel retail refers to the multi-channel method that aims at providing the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the client is shopping online from a mobile device, a laptop or from a retail store near-by. Omni-channel provides the customer with an integrated shopping experience that multi-channel does […]

21 06, 2018

4 ways how a supply chain consultant can create competitive advantage?

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4 Ways How A Supply Chain Consultant Can Create Competitive Advantage
In today’s competitive era, almost all the manufacturing processes have been automated. Though the economic options to manufacture your products are widely available. The key success factor of a business depends upon the competitiveness of its supply chain network. It plays a vital role in deciding the sustainability of a business. Supply chain elements such as warehouse layout, processes, inventory norms, logistics network and vendor management are key business elements which will drive your customer’s satisfaction rate. Sub-optimal management of any of these elements will impact how sales are serviced […]

9 06, 2018

Three Reasons You Should opt for a 4PL Services Provider

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Three Reasons You Should opt for a 4PL Services Provider

As the business grows, companies find it challenging to manage their inventory which should be stored and moved in an efficient manner, while keeping it traceable. To cater to the demands from multi-channels in the supply chain, companies tend to opt for the multiple supply chain partners for 2PL or 3PL activities.

Even though each outsourced entity may be an expert in its own domain, complications start arising when it comes to manage the operations in a coordinated manner. Here-in comes the value addition from 4PL service providers. 4PL service providers are […]

25 04, 2018

Adding Value to SCM by way of Packaging Re-Engineering

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Adding Value to SCM by way of Packaging Re-Engineering

Most times we face a statement with reference to packaging design is that, “it is not a rocket science”. Agreed, there is no rocket science in it, but one thing needs to be appreciated is that, there is a bit of science in it. Moreover, applying re-engineering in packaging scientifically definitely leads to a value proposition in SCM.

The conventional packing processes involved in packaging of products tend to keep higher factor of safety, which in most cases is not required. Conventional methods also miss out to factor the impact of logistics on […]

14 02, 2018

Impact of Budget 2018 on Logistics

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Impact of Budget 2018 on Logistics
The Finance minister’s annual budget presentation is an event keenly followed by millions of Indians from every walk of life, who are eager to know how the budget will improve their daily lives. While the 2018-2019 budget has its share of highs, lows, and not so goods for the average Indian, it presents the logistics industry with several exciting growth avenues over the coming years.

Read on to find out which of the budgetary announcements we are most excited about!

The ****** of 2018-2019 budget has been on rural infrastructure development, agriculture, promoting MSME growth, and improving […]

31 01, 2018

Key Operation Zones To Optimize In-factory Logistics

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Key Operation Zones To Optimize In-factory Logistics
While taking up the core objective to maximize production capacity with an improved economy of scale, the manufacturing industries are most likely to face n number of challenges. These challenges are prone to have been overlooked by the companies when their manufacturing plants have enough area to carry on the operations. An optimized in-factory logistics is one of the major solutions to guide the companies to elevate the production numbers and overall sale.

For manufacturing sector, effective management of in-factory logistics is the arena where supply chain consulting comes into play. With respect to this, […]

29 01, 2018

Is cold chain logistics an unexplored goldmine ?

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Is cold chain logistics an unexplored goldmine ?
14 Billion USD. This is value of annual wastage in India’s agricultural sector due to inadequate cold chain infrastructure. 18 Percent of fruits and vegetables produced in India get wasted due to insufficient cold chain network, which is a direct contributor to food shortages, and resulting high prices. While the ambient supply chain has evolved in last one decade, the cold chain network in India remain at a nascent stage; with only 10 % of network being served by the organized players.
Therefore, cold chain network is attracting lot of interest from both government […]

27 12, 2017

Is Your Supply Chain Ready For New Year Sale?

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Is Your Supply Chain Ready For New Year Sale?
Festival season in India is synonymous with shopping festival. Companies don’t leave any stone unturned to lure the customers looking for good deals. As per a recent survey conducted by Retail Association of India commissioned by Litmus world, 86% respondents were looking forward to shopping during the festive season.

This is no surprise that apparel and footwear industry record 40% of their sales during the festive seasons only. Not only the online retailers but the brick and mortar shops witness this surge of customers and want to be fully prepared to handle the […]

4 12, 2017

Make Your Customers Fall In Love With You This New Year

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Make Your Customers Fall In Love With You This New Year
Festive season and year-end always bring a boom to the retail sales. Considering the growth pattern in the just concluded festive season, online retailers must double their efforts to capitalize on the coming Christmas and year-end period to increase their profits with attractive new year online offers. This is a crucial time of the year when retailers must deploy methods to capture the imagination of their customers.

This includes providing customer-specific services and providing the customer with the best possible shopping experience. With the fast-changing world, giving mere offers may not […]

11 11, 2017

Are You Ready for These 5 Challenges In E-Commerce Supply Chain?

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Are You  Ready for These 5 Challenges In E-Commerce Supply Chain?
Decisions must be data-driven and customers should be given full visibility of their orders. It becomes even more crucial when you are planning to venture into new geographies. Below is the elaboration of key challenges in e-commerce supply chain and how they can be overcome.

1. Are you good enough to localize in the global economy?

Gone are the days when businesses targeted specific E- commerce companies who had the ability to quickly expand in the new geographies if they were supported with a strong supply chain network. New age E-commerce players have […]

31 10, 2017

Is your 3PL a capable partner for Industry 4.0 transition?

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Is your 3PL a capable partner for Industry 4.0 transition?
Improving delivery time, reducing delivery cost, automation to handle a large number of orders and emerging e-commerce companies are the clear indicators that supply chains of tomorrow are going to be significantly different from supply chains of today. Unlike traditional reactive supply chains, where responses among all the supply chain stakeholders are communicated post incident. This delays the response as well as requires additional time, cost and a lot of efforts. To convert this reactive approach to proactive, established 3PL partners have introduced industry 4.0 concept. In Industry 4.0 concept, supply […]