15 10, 2020

The path to maximum order fulfilment

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Maximal order fulfilment has been the coveted dream for businesses worldwide for quite some time now. However, improving order fulfilment has become increasingly difficult to realize. Only one in three manufacturing companies are confident about their order fulfilment capabilities, while many high-tech companies are unable to meet their allocation commitments, failing nearly 50% of the time.

Such statistics point to the high variability of supply and demand across industries in the supply chain space. Complex market dynamics of today are affecting businesses in ways that they are currently unequipped to handle. Events ranging from constricting delivery windows to uncertain demand are […]

30 09, 2020

Cost Optimization through Production Planning

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The path to continuous improvement for the manufacturing industry today is fraught with challenges. As businesses grow and strive for a greater global presence, variabilities and supply chain complexities rise. The impact of this is often experienced in terms of burgeoning costs. Variable market demand leads to greater juggling of capacity and firefighting approaches to fulfil orders – increase in overtime leads to added costs; over-utilization of machinery and energy leads to greater downtime, and material deficiencies are managed with last-minutes supplier orders. All of these contribute to a high manufacturing cost overhead. Yet, efficiency is critical to the health […]

18 09, 2020

Leveraging Technology for Improving Dispatch Performance

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Every supply chain in the world sees an immense incentive in pushing their stock for faster distribution. The expectation for shorter lead times is compounded with an expectation for reduced operational costs and high efficiencies. This implies the smooth fulfilment of orders, handling of damaged goods, cancellations, and returns without causing excessive delays and costs.

For businesses, the model of dispatch differs relative to order volumes. Orders may be dispatched in bulk to a network of dealers, distributors, or retailers on receipt of order requests, or in smaller quantities directly to customers. Irrespective of the nature of the operation, each business […]

13 07, 2020

Four essentials for your cosmetic supply chain

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Warehousing for the cosmetic industry has its unique set of challenges. These are high value, temperature-sensitive products with high SKU depth and are prone to damages during transportation. Batch and expiry control are crucial to ensure that the products have enough shelf life when it reaches the stores or to the end customer.

Cosmetics products need to be stored in dust free and clean environment to make sure that the appearance of products is intact, and the gloss and freshness of product remain until they reach the end-user. A trusted 3PL partner should understand the intricacies of the cosmetic industry and […]

20 05, 2020

Impact of COVID-2019 on logistics industry

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The Indian logistics industry is highly fragmented and unorganised. However, the prevailing situation has left the logistics industry in disarray because of the nationwide lockdown on account of COVID-2019.

As a logistics solution provider, we are conditioned to be innovative and flexible in a face of frequent and continuous operational disruptions we face on day-to-day such as changing policies, closures, congestions, and weather-related interruptions. However, nothing prepares you for a high impact and low probability situations such as the current outbreak of COVID-2019.

The prevailing lockdown has placed severe operational constraints on logistics operations such as the availability of manpower, transportation, warehouse […]

18 05, 2020

De-risk your sales through distributed inventory model

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It may seem easier to monitor & manage the inventory from a single fulfilment centre however it may not be a great strategy for a business that wants to expand the consumer base across the geographies.

Storing inventory at a single location can create many risks for the business especially in a crisis like COVID19 which had a huge impact on the supply chains.

For a business, it will be challenging to re-start the operation during the crisis, if they have stored the inventory at a couple of locations.  This further means an extended impact on sales or losing an opportunity to […]

25 04, 2020

Strategies that you can adopt during and immediately after COVID2019

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Strategies that you can adopt during and immediately after COVID2019
The spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, is being felt globally across operations in ways which are very difficult to model and assess right now. As the immediate toll on human health from the spread of coronavirus mounts, the economic effects of the crisis and the livelihoods at stake are coming into sharp focus.

With lockdowns and no sale scenario, the cash flows have been affected. Lot of the affected regions are at the centre of global supply chains. How long the situation will prevail no one has a definitive view. With […]

11 07, 2019

The Latest Digital Trends Shaping the Future of Delivery & Logistics

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The Latest Digital Trends Shaping the Future of Delivery & Logistics
Digital transformation has dramatically increased efficiency throughout the day-to-day operations of countless industries. Repetitive tasks can be automated, information can be shared very rapidly, and workers can get things done at any time (and from almost anywhere). The Indian economy has done an excellent job of taking advantage in recent years, using digitization to make significant strides in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index — and being the only big economy to feature in the 10 most improved over the last 2 years.

Even so, there’s still so much […]

17 04, 2019

Omni channel Retail- The Future of E-commerce

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Retailers today wish to give their customers an effortless shopping experience. These days customers are not only looking for the perfect product that suits their needs, but they are also demanding a seamless affair in getting that product.

The way to this smooth purchase journey starts with omnichannel retail.
What is omnichannel retail?
Omni channel retail refers to a multichannel method that aims at providing the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the client is shopping online from a mobile device, a laptop, or from a retail store nearby. 
What is the difference between omnichannel and multichannel retail?
One must not confuse multi-channel […]

21 06, 2018

4 ways how a supply chain consultant can create competitive advantage?

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4 Ways How A Supply Chain Consultant Can Create Competitive Advantage
In today’s competitive era, almost all the manufacturing processes have been automated. Though the economic options to manufacture your products are widely available. The key success factor of a business depends upon the competitiveness of its supply chain network. It plays a vital role in deciding the sustainability of a business. Supply chain elements such as warehouse layout, processes, inventory norms, logistics network and vendor management are key business elements which will drive your customer’s satisfaction rate. Sub-optimal management of any of these elements will impact how sales are serviced […]

9 06, 2018

Three Reasons You Should opt for a 4PL Services Provider

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Three Reasons You Should opt for a 4PL Services Provider

As the business grows, companies find it challenging to manage their inventory which should be stored and moved in an efficient manner, while keeping it traceable. To cater to the demands from multi-channels in the supply chain, companies tend to opt for the multiple supply chain partners for 2PL or 3PL activities.

Even though each outsourced entity may be an expert in its own domain, complications start arising when it comes to manage the operations in a coordinated manner. Here-in comes the value addition from 4PL service providers. 4PL service providers are […]

25 04, 2018

Adding Value to SCM by way of Packaging Re-Engineering

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Adding Value to SCM by way of Packaging Re-Engineering

Most times we face a statement with reference to packaging design is that, “it is not a rocket science”. Agreed, there is no rocket science in it, but one thing needs to be appreciated is that, there is a bit of science in it. Moreover, applying re-engineering in packaging scientifically definitely leads to a value proposition in SCM.

The conventional packing processes involved in packaging of products tend to keep higher factor of safety, which in most cases is not required. Conventional methods also miss out to factor the impact of logistics on […]