19 12, 2020

Why Planning Integration for Production, Packaging and Transportation matters & Key Pointers for doing it

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The path to high productivity in supply chain management often requires a fundamental shift in how business is conducted. In the supply chain, the product journey starts at component/raw material procurement, followed by production, packaging, and then transportation to a dealer or the end customer for consumption. Usually, the planning for these processes occurs in silos with little coordination in between – a practice that creates several inter-process bottlenecks. These bottlenecks drive costs and performance pressures. To prevent these bottlenecks and the resulting stresses, the planning approach should emulate the on-ground realities of the supply chain.

To this end, an integrated […]

10 12, 2020

The Importance of Master Data Management

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Data intelligence has been in vogue since the last few decades and for good reason. The impact of intelligent technologies, especially AI, on business productivity and efficiency has been significant. In fact, as per McKinsey & Company research, nearly 70% of companies across industries and business functions are expected to implement AI by 2030, with AI delivering a year-on-year global GDP growth of 1.2% per year and “additional economic activity of around $13 trillion by 2030.”

Considering these statistics and how businesses are motivated to carry through their transformation goals, it is crucial to know whether organizations are ready for this […]

3 12, 2020

Moving from Legacy Software to Data Intelligence

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Moving from Legacy Software to Data Intelligence
Business success today requires intelligent technologies to ensure process efficiency, recognize trends, mitigate risks, and automate repetitive tasks. Implementing smart technologies has, therefore, become an important growth strategy. Before investing in sophisticated and (often) cloud-based data-intelligence solutions, organizations must determine whether their business ecosystems can support such capabilities.

For the past several years, legacy infrastructure (comprising of outdated hardware, operating systems, ERPs, CRMs, etc.) has become incompatible with modern information technology applications. It is, therefore, unable to meet the information needs of businesses or support business innovation. Other issues also emerge, such as high expenditure […]

17 11, 2020

Overcoming the pitfalls of inefficient production planning

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The success stories of today, in the context of the supply chain, are the ones that are backed by rigorous and coherent planning. Production planning, which is central to the manufacturing exercise, defines the utilization of resources for meeting sales targets within the limiting constraints of the supply and production environment. The plan should set achievable production targets, specify resource allocation for the complete product portfolio for the planning period, and direct the flow of energy, labour, and costs to meet the same. If planning is optimal and efficient, it is intrinsic to ensuring greater profit and service levels in […]

12 11, 2020

The Optimization Imperative for Packaging

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The pressures of globalization are not just experienced for the supply, production, and logistics segments of the supply chain but also packaging. The way these products are produced, assembled, and brought to the market has implications on their marketability and the customer buying decision. However, many businesses have made it a part of their supply chain strategy, however there are others who are trying to catch up. But lately, with the emergence of a global conscience on sustainability and a focus on process optimization, greater interest has developed in this dimension.

The Dimensions of Packaging Planning

An analysis of packaging systems including […]

4 11, 2020

Minimizing errors and inefficiencies of dispatch planning with planning automation and optimization

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Efficiency is the foundation stone of a successful business. The upstream and downstream effects of errors and inefficiencies propagate through the supply chain in increasingly uncertain and equivocal ways that create weak links throughout the chain. Every day, immense human effort and initiatives are directed towards managing the entropy of the supply chain lest errors go unaddressed. Planning, which is a centre point of supply chain management and is at the forefront of supply chain activities, requires consistent improvement and adherence to efficiency and accuracy standards. One such planning dimension is that of dispatch.

It is essential to accurately plan how […]

22 10, 2020

Taking Dispatch Performance To The Next Level Of Productivity

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Supply chain competitiveness is rarely seen from the lens of productivity. Often, the perspective is replaced with that of profitability – of cost margins and savings. Yet, attitudes towards productivity are changing. Studies suggest that for many businesses, improving the productivity of systems, processes, and the workforce has emerged as a critical target. To understand why this is so, it is necessary to understand the implications of productivity for the supply chain.

Productivity essentially is a ratio of the output to the input. In supply chain terms, the productivity of an organization can be high if it produces more units of […]

15 10, 2020

The path to maximum order fulfilment

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Maximal order fulfilment has been the coveted dream for businesses worldwide for quite some time now. However, improving order fulfilment has become increasingly difficult to realize. Only one in three manufacturing companies are confident about their order fulfilment capabilities, while many high-tech companies are unable to meet their allocation commitments, failing nearly 50% of the time.

Such statistics point to the high variability of supply and demand across industries in the supply chain space. Complex market dynamics of today are affecting businesses in ways that they are currently unequipped to handle. Events ranging from constricting delivery windows to uncertain demand are […]

30 09, 2020

Cost Optimization through Production Planning

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The path to continuous improvement for the manufacturing industry today is fraught with challenges. As businesses grow and strive for a greater global presence, variabilities and supply chain complexities rise. The impact of this is often experienced in terms of burgeoning costs. Variable market demand leads to greater juggling of capacity and firefighting approaches to fulfil orders – increase in overtime leads to added costs; over-utilization of machinery and energy leads to greater downtime, and material deficiencies are managed with last-minutes supplier orders. All of these contribute to a high manufacturing cost overhead. Yet, efficiency is critical to the health […]

18 09, 2020

Leveraging Technology for Improving Dispatch Performance

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Every supply chain in the world sees an immense incentive in pushing their stock for faster distribution. The expectation for shorter lead times is compounded with an expectation for reduced operational costs and high efficiencies. This implies the smooth fulfilment of orders, handling of damaged goods, cancellations, and returns without causing excessive delays and costs.

For businesses, the model of dispatch differs relative to order volumes. Orders may be dispatched in bulk to a network of dealers, distributors, or retailers on receipt of order requests, or in smaller quantities directly to customers. Irrespective of the nature of the operation, each business […]

13 07, 2020

Four essentials for your cosmetic supply chain

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Warehousing for the cosmetic industry has its unique set of challenges. These are high value, temperature-sensitive products with high SKU depth and are prone to damages during transportation. Batch and expiry control are crucial to ensure that the products have enough shelf life when it reaches the stores or to the end customer.

Cosmetics products need to be stored in dust free and clean environment to make sure that the appearance of products is intact, and the gloss and freshness of product remain until they reach the end-user. A trusted 3PL partner should understand the intricacies of the cosmetic industry and […]

20 05, 2020

Impact of COVID-2019 on logistics industry

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The Indian logistics industry is highly fragmented and unorganised. However, the prevailing situation has left the logistics industry in disarray because of the nationwide lockdown on account of COVID-2019.

As a logistics solution provider, we are conditioned to be innovative and flexible in a face of frequent and continuous operational disruptions we face on day-to-day such as changing policies, closures, congestions, and weather-related interruptions. However, nothing prepares you for a high impact and low probability situations such as the current outbreak of COVID-2019.

The prevailing lockdown has placed severe operational constraints on logistics operations such as the availability of manpower, transportation, warehouse […]