27 12, 2017

Is Your Supply Chain Ready For New Year Sale?

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Is Your Supply Chain Ready For New Year Sale?
Festival season in India is synonymous with shopping festival. Companies don’t leave any stone unturned to lure the customers looking for good deals. As per a recent survey conducted by Retail Association of India commissioned by Litmus world, 86% respondents were looking forward to shopping during the festive season.

This is no surprise that apparel and footwear industry record 40% of their sales during the festive seasons only. Not only the online retailers but the brick and mortar shops witness this surge of customers and want to be fully prepared to handle the […]

15 09, 2017

Looking For A Supply Chain Consulting Partner, Make Sure You Are Aware Of These 4 Facts

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Looking For A Supply Chain Consulting Partner, Make Sure You Are Aware Of These Facts
As supply chain is the crucial part of any business, business heads want to enhance supply chain efficiency for maximum deliverables. To achieve this, as a decision-maker, you may face difficulties across the supply chain. Undoubtedly, there are too many loopholes, which need fixation to cut down the losses, but they are not taken care of. In such a situation, CEOs need supply chain experts (consultants) for identifying loopholes and their rectifications.

Randomly choosing supply chain consultant can be a business hazard and may trigger wastage of […]

1 09, 2017

How 3PL Providers Enable You To Overcome Order Fulfilment Challenges

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How 3PL Providers Enable You To Overcome Order Fulfilment Challenges
E-commerce is booming and the growth curve is expected to move in the upward direction. Most companies may find it easier to manage the order fulfilment process when the orders are less in quantity. However, the things start going down the hill when volumes rise during the peak sale season. It gets tougher to maintain the balance and consistency across a period and achieve the desired results.

The solution is to strengthen the logistics infrastructure in such situations to stay above par. Easier said than done, not only new players but even […]

20 07, 2017

Improve Your Warehousing Processes In 5 Ways With 3PL Service Providers

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Improve Your Warehousing Processes In 5 Ways With 3PL Service Providers
With the new changes coming to the fore, supply chains across various industries have seen so many innovations. Warehousing is the heart of most supply chains and it has consistently evolved.Warehouses are not there for storage of goods only but their function is much more advanced.Modern warehousing techniques have changed the way in which receiving of goods, inventory management, packaging and shipping was done.

In fact, gone are the days when warehouses used to be focused on similar industry or segment and hosted similar items; these days, it requires managing multiple […]

29 06, 2017

Surprise Yourself With These 7 Benefits Of Integrated Supply Chain For Automotive Sector

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Surprise Yourself With These 7 Benefits Of Integrated Supply Chain For Automotive Sector

Managing automotive logistics is a tricky business and not everyone’s cup of tea. Right from the point where suppliers supply auto parts, during transit, warehousing, up to in plant logistics and to the point where waste management is to be done – you face a lot of difficulties in achieving desired control. To overcome all such bottlenecks, integrated management of supply chain complemented with returnable packaging solutions is the way forward. Easier said than done – implementing such a solution on the ground on your own may lead […]

17 06, 2017

6 Things Never To Ignore In Your Deal With Freight Forwarding Partner

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6 Things never to ignore in your deal with freight forwarding partner

Every supply chain is different, so are its concerns and priorities. It is safe to assume that there may be cases where low-cost shipping is not the top agenda. In the rising competition, businesses need to maintain the balance of low cost with on-time delivery, cargo safety, quick customs clearance, state-of-the-art warehousing etc. Considering the criticality of these parameters and the complexity of freight forwarding operation, it is advisable to find a suitable freight forwarding partner. However, before you get the freight forwarder on your board, make sure they […]

9 06, 2017

5 Flawless Methods To Cut Down Freight Forwarding Costs

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Businesses are fully aware that cost and time involved in freight forwarding directly affects their products’ landed cost and delivery time. To survive and fare better in the competitive market scenario, it is paramount to maintain a balance in these two. Undoubtedly, it is the freight cost which is a huge factor in determining MRP of your product. It is important to keep your freight cost low to keep your pricing competitive Optimizing your freight forwarding operations not only gives you economic benefits but also helps you gain operational excellence.

How can you take your supply chain strategy to another level […]

3 06, 2017

6 Irresistible Benefits You Get With Your E-Commerce Logistics Partner

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Are you new to e-commerce business? Do you plan to be an e-tailer so that you can cash in on the opportunity thrown wide open with the emergence of e-commerce? However, before you begin e-fulfilment operations in the B2C segment, you must have a clear-cut strategy whether to develop the required capabilities within your organization or outsource this key operation to logistics professionals who may offer you the best e-commerce logistics solutions.

Why joining hands with a right 3PL partner would be the best bet to stay fit and fight the ever-increasing competition in the e-commerce industry?

You would be in a […]

24 05, 2017

How 3PL Service Providers Get You No 1 Supply Chain With Effective Retail Logistics Management?

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Retail has gone through a huge transformation not only in the urban world but rural areas are also seeing a lot of organized activities in this sector. With the rise in competition, retail giants have a clear cut agenda of giving best products without compromising on service. One thing that specifically sets them apart from the pack is their products’ availability in the right amount at right time and at the right place. While this aspect requires a lot of focus and efforts of any company, it may actually divert their much-needed attention from their core business. For this very […]

11 05, 2017

Enhance Your Supply Chain Profits With Returnable Industrial Packaging Solutions

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Supply chains have gone through a huge transformation with fluctuations in demand patterns. In addition, businesses have felt the need to cut down costs as much as possible and stay in the competition. An important component of any supply chain, i.e., Packaging, which remained under the shadow is the area of concern for supply chain managers. Especially in the automotive, heavy machinery and industrial components sector, packaging plays a key role as it not only ensures safe transportation of product but also increases the quantity that can be shipped in a transportation unit. There are multiple industrial packaging solutions on […]

4 05, 2017

How 3PL Service Providers Enhance Your Order Fulfilment Process

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The answer to one very important question – How efficient is your order fulfilment process, will determine how quickly your business will make name for itself and flourish as desired. Order fulfilment process simply constitutes receiving the goods, storing them at a conveniently located position, packing and dispatching them against orders. The key thing is whether all this happens within the expected TAT (Turnaround time) since it will contribute majorly to success across supply chains of different industries. Once you fail to stay on par with the standardised processes, failure is bound to happen.

That’s why it is advised to make […]

20 04, 2017

Counter 5 Warehousing Challenges in Multi-Channel Retail Logistics

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The retail industry has very swiftly transformed and with this, it has called for a transformation of all involved variables. It has seen the rise of multiple channels, be it supermarkets, e-commerce or catalog, which has led to a rise in demand and customer expectations. The traditional ways to meet multi-channel demands seem to be outdated and multi-channel retail logistics has felt the added pressure coming through different channels. To counter this, retailers need to have a strong infrastructure in place. As they say, warehouses are the backbone of multi-channel retail logistics and how ready these warehouses are for the […]