Key Operation Zones To Optimize In-factory Logistics

While taking up the core objective to maximize production capacity with an improved economy of scale, the manufacturing industries are most likely to face n number of challenges. These challenges are prone to have been overlooked by the companies when their manufacturing plants have enough area to carry on the operations. An optimized in-factory logistics is one of the major solutions to guide the companies to elevate the production numbers and overall sale.

in-factory logistics
For manufacturing sector, effective management of in-factory logistics is the arena where supply chain consulting comes into play. With respect to this, industry struggles in managing material and its flow right from its entry into the plant up to the outbound of finished components. There are a set of procedures which can guide companies to have optimal in-plant movement.

It is high time when the manufacturing companies realize that their management is looking forward for an upraised production with the same work space allocated to their production houses. Below enlisted operational areas can serve to make you manage your in-factory logistics optimally –

Procurement Operations: We understand that the operations team has no stake in the production plan, as a result the predicted production numbers flow down from the CXO level brains. In order to carry forward those numbers from paper plans to ground, procurement planning of the material can be a major step which will hence assist in in-factory logistics. Procurement planning aims to optimize material management within the plant. The procurement team needs to plan their material order quantity and order cycle, keeping in mind the space constraint present in the factory. The space constraint is often led by overstocking of material in unplanned space and scrap dump.

To reduce the overstocking or in many cases stock out situations which directly hamper the production, procurement strategy has to be in-line. Once this plan is chalked out as per the best practices, the operations can be synced with optimal management of in-factory logistics.

Warehousing Operations: Let’s not restrict the term warehousing with material storage, it also includes material supply from warehouse stores to the production line. Once the material enters the plant, it needs to be appropriately allocated to the effective space utilization. Depending on the factory layout, major material should be allocated in the stores as per their specified locations while a small percentage of the inventory can be placed closer to the production line. This handful of inventory should be planned for the present working day usage and for immediate future, say 3-4 days.

Thereafter the optimized logistics of inventory within the factory, comes into play. Often the bins/trolleys designed for each kind of material is separate which leads to multiple movement of material handling equipment within the plant. Moreover, the material also needs to be man-handled a number of times, before it reaches the production line. Therefore, the best possible way for in-factory logistics, can be the kitting of sub-assemblies into a single trolley in the storage area itself. This trolley carries all the essential material as per the production requirement and can be directly placed and replaced from the production line, aiming at effective material management.

Hence, Holisol aims at providing the best solutions for an efficient in-factory logistics for your production houses. Our in-house expertise can assist you build up your target production numbers, by enacting an effective strategy of procurement. The procurement plan is based on EOQ methodology and implementation of standard operating procedures for the procurement process. Subsequent to this, our consultants design the best fit movable solutions which can cater material storage and replenishment at production lines with the least movement of MHEs and can be kitted into a unit of sub-assemblies.

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