21 06, 2018

4 ways how a supply chain consultant can create competitive advantage?

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4 Ways How A Supply Chain Consultant Can Create Competitive Advantage
In today’s competitive era, almost all the manufacturing processes have been automated. Though the economic options to manufacture your products are widely available. The key success factor of a business depends upon the competitiveness of its supply chain network. It plays a vital role in deciding the sustainability of a business. Supply chain elements such as warehouse layout, processes, inventory norms, logistics network and vendor management are key business elements which will drive your customer’s satisfaction rate. Sub-optimal management of any of these elements will impact how sales are serviced […]

9 06, 2018

Three Reasons You Should opt for a 4PL Services Provider

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Three Reasons You Should opt for a 4PL Services Provider

As the business grows, companies find it challenging to manage their inventory which should be stored and moved in an efficient manner, while keeping it traceable. To cater to the demands from multi-channels in the supply chain, companies tend to opt for the multiple supply chain partners for 2PL or 3PL activities.

Even though each outsourced entity may be an expert in its own domain, complications start arising when it comes to manage the operations in a coordinated manner. Here-in comes the value addition from 4PL service providers. 4PL service providers are […]