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How can you assist us in warehousing now that GST has kicked in?
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Asked on September 2, 2017 8:31 pm

National GST is likely to bring about consolidation in warehousing, with large distribution hubs. Consolidation will also lead to emergence of modern warehouses and more automated packaging, storage and delivery. Likely to reduce the Transit lead time.

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Answered On January 25, 2018 3:48 am

As GST is implemented now, companies are rethinking their supply chain strategies. GST will bring higher efficiency for warehousing as companies would prefer to consolidate their network and have bigger and fewer warehouses at strategic locations.

Holisol offers below services which can help you at both strategy and operational level to align your warehousing with the new tax regime.

GST Consulting & Network Design– Existing supply chain networks were designed to be in alignment with the prevailing tax structures. As GST is implemented and state boundaries hold no meaning for logistics, your current supply chain may not be the operating on the most efficient network. We advise our customers on the supply chain network transformation which would help them to be leaner, more efficient and cost effective. As you undertake the warehouse network transformation journey, our consultants can assist you with below solutions:

Warehouse Design & Layout –We believe that every warehouse is different and so is the design requirements. We provide end to end warehouse design and layout services including civil design, architectural layout and drawings, storage system analysis, Capex & Opex planning and procurement support.

Process Design & Re-engineering – In compliance with the best logistics practices, we perform AS-IS and TO-BE analysis for your business processes. We also advise customers on IT systems to automate these processes and increase efficiency, Our scope of work is not only limited to the process design but we also take onus of implementing the same and training your manpower accordingly.

Implementation Support – We not only design solutions for you but also take responsibility of end to end execution. Our implementation team provides you on site support during each stage of warehouse implementation.

You can contact our consulting team understand our above solutions in detail.

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Answered On September 4, 2017 6:06 am