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How can the efficiency of pick process be improved in a B2C scenario?
Posted by Communication
Asked on August 26, 2017 6:07 am

The most efficient way to improve the picking process in a B2C fulfilment scenario is to implement batch picking instead of order-wise picking. In order-wise picking, SKU’s related to only a particular order are picked at a time, whereas in batch picking, multiple orders are picked at the same time.

In order-wise picking, the pick created has SKU’s pertaining to an order only. So the pick assignee picks these SKUs from different locations of the warehouse.The process is tedious and time consuming.

In batch picking, the pick is created for multiple orders simultaneously and the required SKUs are picked location-wise and not order-wise, making the process of picking easier and faster. Once picked, the SKUs are sorted into bins. For example, for an SKU with quantity 2, the first SKU is marked as 1/2 and the second as 2/2. Since both the the quantities are picked and sorted, the order is complete and is forwarded for further processing.

Therefore, batch picking is more productive because it fulfils multiple orders simultaneously. Picking time is minimal and it is a better utilisation of manpower and time.

Posted by Holisol
Answered On August 27, 2017 1:17 pm