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What will be the advantages, if we deploy the WMS (Warehouse Management System) in our warehouse?
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Asked on November 21, 2017 11:10 am

WMS helps in managing the key operational activities in the warehouse, it creates better visibility and efficiently manage the inventory, orders, returns & stock transfer. Further benefit of WMS includes;

Management of multiple warehouses – A single WMS has the capability of managing multiple warehouses which improves the ease in managing .the operations.
Inventory control – WMS is quite an efficient method of managing and checking inventory since it has record of all inbound and outbound steps. The movement of inventory can be easily tracked and all incoming and outgoing inventory can easily be counted and recorded in WMS.
Fast and efficient picking – WMS provides an easy and precise pick list wherein it is very specific from where the SKU should be picked, making the process of picking fast and efficient.
You can maintain FIFO – Since all inventory is recorded, FIFO is easily implemented, causing least expense on expired inventory.
Return Management – A major feature of WMS is managing returns, all returns are recorded and managed irrespective of source (i.e. Order, Shipment, Customer).
Managing stock transfer – Transfer of inventory from one warehouse to another is a usual event in the warehouse, stock transfers and inventory management as per STO are also managed in a WMS
Helps to maintain various reports – The major output from a WMS is the reports including Inbound reports, Outbound reports, Inventory reports, all these help to maintain and match an efficient inventory in the warehouse, which is the ultimate goal of the WMS.
Financial reconciliation – Since the WMS keeps a record of all inbound and outbound inventory, financial reconciliation is easy as per net in-hand inventory.

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Answered On November 21, 2017 11:12 am