unit load management system

Unit Load Management System

Customers have realised the importance of using reusable packaging to ship parts from suppliers to OEMs and Dealer. ULMS is a web and app-based asset management software which uses RFID tracking system to manage your packaging assets/Bins & racks for better asset management system.

The benefits of re-usable packaging comes with a challenge to monitor, track and manage huge movement of packaging assets between multiple point. ULMS uses RFID technology to tag the unit load assets like bins, racks and trolleys and creates higher visibility at each milestone of supply chain. It also captures and organises all the essential data at one place which enables you to make informed business decisions.

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Your challenges

  • Lower visibility in the complete supply chain
  • Lack of Analytics
  • MIS reporting
  • Inability to calculate cycle time for the unit load assets.
  • Inefficient asset utilization.

Impact on Business

  • Loss or theft of bins
  • Difficult to track orders
  • Delay in relay of information
  • Last minute escalations
  • Unstructured data affects decision making
  • Costing errors

Proposition – ULMS

  • Tagging of bins & assets for better management of loads
  • Enables you to track and trace the location of the bins
  • Faster relay of information increasing visibility in the supply chain
  • Improved analytics for better decision making

Functionalities – Asset Management System

– Complete order management

– Tagging & tracking of the bins

– Interactive & Intelligent dashboard

– Asset Inventory management & reconciliation

– Web and mobile app based solution

– SaaS based technology

Benefits – Asset Management System 

– Customizable basis your requirement

– Configurable for Barcode, QR Code & RFID Tracking System

– Efficiency in inventory management of bins

– Seamless flow of information across different users of the application

– Customised online MIS reporting

– Higher visibility in the supply chain

User Management

Different modules for component supplier, 3PL & OEM

Restricted access, user can access only his module.

Customized dashboard for each user.

Efficient communication between different users of the app


Rents reusable packaging assets & dispatches components to OEMs


Owns, manages & repair packaging assets


End user – receives components packed in the packaging assets

Write to our Solution Manager at itsolutions@holisolindia.com to know more about ULMS.

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