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Experience the comfort of automation in the allocation, management, and measurement of daily tasks with Dopex. Dopex enables leadership to save time in follow-ups, achieve a higher level of productivity and build excellence in daily operations.

Dopex is a user-friendly web, mobile and cloud-based tool allow users to generate tickets for daily tasks. Users can also define TATs for the ticket to ensure timely completion of tasks.

Dopex analytics measures users and their departments/functions for their efficiency and also helps the management with real-time dashboards, reports, and alerts.

Dopex also helps users by giving notifications, alerts, and reminders for their pending tasks and manage their daily do to list.

Benefits of Dopex 


Higher Visibility

Improves the visibility on task allotted, pending and completed through the system


Increase Efficiency

Efficient management of day to day task with timely escalation in the event of any delay in the action

Time managment

Timeline Management

Ability to define the timeline of the task enables you to track the progress of the important task


Scalable Solution

Dynamic of platforms allows customization for internal use and measurement of the business unit performance



With the dOpEx application for IOS and Android you can create task anytime, anywhere


Performance Management

Dashboard analytics and MIS reports provides previews of performance basis the task generated

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