Last Mile Delivery System

Holiscope is a mobile based last mile delivery solution to empower your delivery team as well as customers to track, trace and visualize the orders in real time. Holiscope helps you manage your deliveries better while making it a pleasant experience for your customers.

Improve the last mile connection with your customer with Holiscope. It enables you to manage the last mile logistics efficiently. The web and mobile based solution brings visibility in your last mile logistics status both for your team and field executives. Holiscope provide navigation to your field executives while manager can monitor them sitting in office.

It brings efficiency in the system by removing manual intervention and takes your dispatch sheet online. Holiscope updates your order status real time and gives you full visibility of your operations.

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Your Challenges

  • Lack of real time visibility of the customer’s order
  • Tracking of field executive location
  • Locating customer’s address
  • Real-time order coordination is challenging
  • Paper based dispatch sheets, chances of error
  • Multiple bikers. No dashboard to monitor Realtime performance
  • Entire reconciliation at end of day. Time Taking and error prone

Impact on Business

  • Reduced biker productivity due to navigation problems.
  • High error rate due to paper based operations
  • Productivity loss due to time taking reconciliation process at EOD.
  • Customer has limited visibility of order status.
  • Limited data capture

Proposition – Holiscope

  • Paper based Dispatch sheet of bikers replaced by single dashboard on app.
  • Live order tracking for customers
  • Real time update – online updation of order status by bikers.
  • Improves Efficiency – Bikers can directly call the customer from app.
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction with “Live tracking of orders”.
  • One click reconciliation for bikers. Saves time for manager as well as biker.

Functionalities – Last Mile Delivery System

– Web & Mobile solution

– Secured & cloud based solution

– Navigates to the customer location

– Capture all key milestones of Last Mile Delivery

– GPS tracking of your Field Executives

– Interactive & intelligent dashboard

Benefits – Last Mile Delivery System

– Faster pick-up, delivery & return of order (RTO)

– Access information anytime & anywhere

– Efficiency in managing your fleet

– Real time flow of information to the customer

– Electronic proof of delivery

– Recording of call and sms logs in the system

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