About the customer

A leading brand with the biggest salon network in India spreads across 11 cities in the country. The company serves its customer by engaging professional for all the services they need at their doorstep.

Customer requirement

Having marked their dominance in 10 cities in a year’s time, our client wanted to manage their online & offline market simultaneously. The objective was to expand the customer base and provide comfort to their loyal customers by giving online access to all their services.

Customer Challenge

The customer needed a partner who had relevant experience in terms of managing the supply chain operations and can be a one-stop solution in providing fulfilment and logistics services. It was also essential for them to find a partner who should be able to meet their stringent requirements in terms of quality control & adherence to Service Level (SLA’s).

Our approach & solution

After a thorough analysis of data on projected inventories and order volumes, a pay per use fulfilment solution in a multichannel fulfilment centre was designed by Holisol. Along with this we also designed business specific value-added services like kitting of multiple units into a single unit to ease the complementary product benefits for the associated partners.

Holisol also offered packaging services for their different sized products, depending upon the number of shipments to be dispatched in a particular order.

Based on their prognosis, we designed a potential dynamic solution to scale up their operations as per their requirements. When they started catering to the online and offline market, a warehouse management system had to be configured to seamlessly manage both online B2C orders from the customer’s own website and B2B offline orders.

We implemented their quality control standards in the facility. The process included – QC started by looking at their inward packaging, per piece. The products could not be opened during the inbound stage, although the outside packaging of the products was being checked. During the outbound stage, each product was physically checked. The packaging was opened for product inspection and then repackaged in new packaging. Holisol is a one-stop solution for a customer to manage the end-to-end logistics including pick up of product from a contract manufacturer, warehousing and inventory management till last mile distribution of products to the pan India network of salons.

Benefit to the Customer

Our client used to procure material locally at a higher cost with the frequent issue of unavailability of the product but with a centralized fulfilment service on their side, the price and availability issues were resolved.

Holisol has been running a zero-error operation for the customer & servicing for fulfilment and logistics activities for both online and offline orders. A pay per use model further has helped optimize costs and has provided options for scalability. The provision for all ancillary services within the same premises has made overall operations much more efficient.

  • Efficient management of: –
  • 15,000 sq. ft fulfilment centre in Gurgaon with a daily average of 250+ B2C orders and 20+ B2B orders.
  • 12,000 sq. ft fulfilment centre in Bangalore with a daily average of 150+ B2C orders and 5+ B2B orders
  • 15,000 sq. ft fulfilment centre in Mumbai with a daily average of 200+ B2C orders and 10+ B2B orders.
  • 5,000 sq. ft fulfilment centre in Kolkata with a daily average of 100+ B2C orders and 3+ B2B orders.
  • Effectively managing 5 major categories which include: –
  • SPA
  • Salons
  • Men’s grooming
  • Appliance (AC & RO)
  • CPC (Cleaning Pest Control)
  • Inventory storage & management of more than 5,00,000 unit of 350+ SKUs with 100% accuracy in inventory.
  • Seasonality proof operations, during peak season and sale time we served up to 5x orders. Additional orders were also processed within the same SLAs without any disruption.
  • Seamless integration of new software into their system.
  • Implementation of barcoding of SKUs, enabling identification of material in the fulfilment centre to create higher visibility of the inventory.
  • Speed in operations, served all orders that came in up to 60 minutes before the logistic partner arrives for pickup.
  • SLA’s delivered by Holisol as per the promise.
  • Providing last mile service for both B2C and B2B orders from Gurgaon, Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai facility.
  • Managing daily 500+ B2C and 40+ B2B LMD orders within 95% SLA within TAT.