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There are multiple bottlenecks in automotive logistics, as a business, we feel lack of control at most points. Right from where the suppliers transport the auto components, during transportation and in plant logistics; traditional packaging solutions incur large costs and lot of waste. Is there a solution for such problems that we have to face?
Asked on August 24, 2017 7:31 am

Holisol’s in-house designed returnable packaging solutions are the answer to your problem. Take a look at how these may benefit you –

Single Packaging – from source to destination: Traditional packaging solutions like wooden packaging is not only unsafe for the auto equipment but gets damaged and need to be replaced in the single transport cycle. These solutions not only eradicate this issue as once the packaging is done at source, it stays up to the destination. In addition, the same packaging equipment can be returned back to origin for using again.

Customizable shape for complete safety: What more, these solutions fit your product to the shape and the product doesn’t have to face the ire of bumpy transportation on Indian roads. We customize these as per your needs.

JIT Supply :You don’t have to bear the burden of storing auto parts close to the assembly/manufacturing plant. With the expert forecast plan based on usage patterns, equipment can be directly transported to assembly line removing unnecessary costs.

In Transit tracking and Green Solutions: Our solutions enable you to track the package in transit and remove any existing inaccuracies or mismatch issues. Above all, these solutions are fully returnable and reusable over multiple cycles thereby reducing the carbon footprints by a significant margin. Considering the multiple uses of these solutions, you may enjoy the added cost benefits across your supply chain.

Posted by Holisol
Answered On August 25, 2017 5:33 am