Go Solar, Go Green – Holisol’s go green initiative

Holisol, greener than ever:

Holisol always feels proud to claim of never shying away from its prime objective of staying greener and at the same time, never compromising on its innovations. Holisol has taken another such initiative of implementing a green energy solution – Solar Panel Systems. Great news is – Holisol can already see results of solar panels installation in economic terms too. We all are aware of the very fact that renewable energy segment has seen a lot of changes in past decade or so. There is also a dire need to reduce carbon footprints and switch to cheaper, renewable energy sources which are in abundance. For this reason, we have seen a huge surge across the globe to tap solar energy in many forms. Solar panels’ installation has seen a huge chunk of the 89 PW energy coming to earth from sun after absorption and reflection, being utilized in industries as well as at homes. Multiple industries have witnessed a rapid rise in solar panels’ usage as photovoltaic modules, which are a combination of multiple solar cells which generate not only large amount of power but simultaneously reduce the bigger commercial power bills too.


The World adopts Solar, will go greener :

Analysts also highlight a similar brighter outlook for solar panels in coming times. SolarPower Europe states that at least 40 GW PV solar panel systems were installed in 2014 alone, up from 37 GW PV solar panels installation in 2013, setting a new high for solar panels market. Major economies like the USA, China and Japan are leading the solar panels installation currently, with India and most of the European countries too coming to the front; research says that 540 GW mark might be reached in five years’ time only. These findings are good enough to predict a big thumbs-up for the solar panels installation and we can expect a boom in this segment going forward.

Solar Approach of Holisol :

Prior to implementation of solar panels, Holisol considered two options – On-Grid Tied Solar Panels and Off-Grid Solar Panels. A thorough research was conducted by its design team and there were quite a few interesting things to notice. On-Grid Solar Panel Systems are solar photo-voltaic modules that generate power when the utility grid is available, i.e., they must connect to grid to function. While installing On-Grid solar panel systems; we require solar panel, inverter (to covert DC to AC voltage), net metering and a utility grid connection as stated earlier. Off-Grid Solar Panel Systems do not require any connection to the grid, for their installation, we require additional batteries for power backup and may be a generator if needed. While the installation cost of On-Grid solar panels is 40-50 % lesser than that of Off-Grid solar panels; these fail to provide power backup in absence of sunlight. Other big advantage of On-Grid solar panels installation over the other is that these are completely maintenance-free while Off-Grid solar panels installation requires replacement of batteries after some time. Users may expect ROI within 3-4 years for On-Grid solar panels installation while it may take 4-5 years to give ROI for Off-Grid solar panels.

Post study, Holisol, took into consideration the quantitative results and its inclination towards completely green solutions. It helped in paving the path for On-Grid solar panels installation which did not have any battery components as mentioned earlier. Holisol went ahead with installation of an On-Grid solar panel system with a capacity of 5 KW at one of its sites. With conventional power sources, consumption cost per unit was around Rs. 8 which came down to only Rs. 2-3 per unit. Findings show a forecast of savings around 60-70% annually. From this, it is easier to judge that with On-Grid solar panels installation, break-even can be achieved within 3 years and that too leading us in the direction of greener energy.

Brighter and Greener Summary :

Within the corporate circles, there has been a conscious effort to go green in their operations. What more could be a better solution than solar panels which are a cost-efficient solution in the longer run? Though initial setup cost could be higher, but such solutions will create a greener brand image while reducing the humungous Global Warming issue. Above all, Solar panels do not produce any waste and almost eradicate carbon footprints.

About Holisol Logistics:

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