Smart Manufacturing 

The fragmented view of the shop floor performance, machine health, missing end to end traceability, inability to study the impact of speed, process variables on quality and managing changing demands of the customer are some of the challenges being faced by a manufacturer.

Holisol offers a smart manufacturing system which provides real-time visibility in operations, digital maintenance of your machines, paperless production and real-time KPI management for manufacturing industry with complete array of Digital Transformation tools and products such as

  • e-Kanban : Improved Planning, Scheduling and Visibility
  • Predictive and Proactive Information
  • Real Time Monitoring : Real time Actions
  • MES : Integrated Manufacturing
  • e-Andon : Realtime Alerts and Collaboration
  • Energy Management
  • Electronic SOPs
  • RFID/NFC/Barcode Based Traceability
  • Electronic Maintenance Management

Our Smart Manufacturing System integrates with variety of data sources, captures, assimilates raw information in real time and provides its users “Actionable Intelligence”. Built on robust technologies the platform is sustainable, scalable and secure.

Factory Health

  • Proactive & predictive maintenance
  • Real-time alerts & alarm
  • TPM loss analysis

Factory Performance

  • Production
  • Performance
  • Financial impact analysis
  • Real time actionable Intelligence


  • ERP Integration
  • BI Integration
  • LIMS Integration


  • Identification & Genealogy
  • Defect containment
  • Sequencing
  • WIP analysis

Experience the benefit of digitalizing your manufacturing;

  • Integration with ERP Planning & Scheduling
  • Real-time Visibility into operations
  • OTIF improvement
  • Increased Efficiency & Productivity
  • Quality Relation with Process Parameters
  • Digital Maintenance
  • Paperless Production
  • TPM Loss Analysis
  • Traceability from RM to FG
  • Energy Management
  • Online KPIs like OEE, Production, Productivity
  • Consumption Analysis of Steam, Chemicals, Water etc.
  • Labor Productivity Improvement
Digital Manufacturing Solutions

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