Warehouse Management System

Our years of experience with both new and old age supply chain enables us to understand the complexities of warehousing operations better than anyone else and have designed a product which manages multichannel fulfilment operations with ease.

We offer standard, professional and enterprise versions of WMS, so that you pay only for the functionalities which you need. Efficiently manage your day-to-day warehouse operations with Holisol Warehouse management system.

The tool enables a warehouse manager to swiftly cater to multiple clients by efficiently recording the overall inventory & its movement. Our WMS solution works in multi customer, multi-location, multi warehouse scenario to seamlessly manage multi-channel fulfilment for you and provide you the solution which best fits your requirement.

We understand your challenges and bring in industry best practices with our WMS to ensure you are in full control of inventory.

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Your challenges 

  • Inventory Mismatch
  • Improper stock allocation
  • Handling stock of multiple clients
  • Delayed order processing & dispatch
  • Generation and management of MIS reports

Impact on Business 

  • Lack of visibility of warehouse inventory
  • Improper allocation of large inventory
  • Inefficient handling of bulk orders
  • Loss of different turn around times
  • Loss & theft of inventory
  • Mismanagement of stock of multiple clients & at multiple locations
  • Unstructured data impacts the business insights

Proposition- WMS  

  • Offer complete visibility of inventory
  • Improves accuracy in order management
  • Develop ease in managing bulk orders & efficient cycle count
  • Smoothly transfer the stock from one warehouse to another.
  • Optimized management of return order
  • Full visibility of payments for both online & offline orders
  • Customized online MIS reports

Functionalities – Warehouse Management System

– Ability to manage 5 users functionality

– Each user access is basis the rights allocated to the user

– Web based system which is customizable and configurable

for Barcode, QR Code and RFID

– API Integration with packaging & delivery management system

Benefits – Warehouse Management System

– User Friendly System

– Seamless flow of information

– Unified system for all the stakeholders

– Seamless integration allows smooth flow of information to

different users of WMS across the globe.

User Management 

Different modules for 3PL, Warehouse managers, Stock owners, i.e. sellers & Ecom Service Providers

Restricted access, user can access only his module.

Customized dashboard for each user.


Caters stocks from all sellers and manages all warehouses & delivery

Manages his/her warehouse assigned locations


Sends stock at desired warehouses to be sold through E-com players

Fulfills orders from consumer through these warehouses, managed by 3PL

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