Project Description

The Client

The client is major infrastructure company and is into Real Estate business. It has successfully
delivered a couple of commercial and residential projects in and around NCR region. Its mission is to develop Residential, Commercial and Industrial areas with the highest degree of professionalism, quality and customer service.

The Issue

The client wants to enter into India’s logistics sector by opening up a logistics park in NCR region. Though the client has acquired land and has expertise over Indian real estate, it lacked in expertise and required knowledge to assess the feasibility of opening up a logistics park at the proposed location. To conduct feasibility study for opening up a logistics park at the proposed location the client hired Holisol Logistics for its services.

Our Solution

Holisol prepared a thorough report for the feasibility study. First, a primary research comprising of physical survey of the area was conducted along with targeted interviews with selected facilities within the region. Second, a secondary research was carried out using selected databases in addition to logistics journals, press articles and government releases. Based on these researches, major catchment areas within the area were identified. Demand assessment for various logistical services was further plotted. A thorough SWOT analysis with respect to site suitability for Logistics Park was carried out with special emphasis on transportation linkages. Finally, a detailed infrastructure planning for various logistical services along with financial investments required was mapped out.

The Result

The study was successfully completed with recommendations for various feasible logistical services that can be opened up at the proposed facility. The client is now in process of utilising this study as base to accrue investments from various FDI’s and PE’s.

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