Project Description

Client Profile

Our Client is among the top three tractor manufacturers of India and provides a complete product line including tractors, multi-utility vehicles, engines, farm machinery attachments, diesel gensets, auto components and pick & carry cranes. The group is supplyingengines to one of the major global manufacturer of Cars .

The Challenge

The client was looking for a reliable transport packaging solution to ensure reliable delivery to the OEM without any In Transit Damages.


HoliSol worked with the client’s production team to design a specialized steel rack to carry the Engines . The design ensured that in addition to safety , the capacity utilization of the vehicle was also optimal to bring down the transportation cost at the per component level. Extensive static & dynamic testing was done to check on the suitability & reliability of the proposed solution. Holisol team based at the client’s production facility is inspecting , packing , loading & lashing the Engines on the trucks . Holisol is also taking care of the reverse logistics of the Empty racks back from the OEM to the client’s factory .In addition to Engines , ancillary components are being packed & transported to form a Complete Kit in a standardized Wooden Pallet + Corrugated Box solution designed to ensure optimal utilization of the vehicle capacities.

Benefits and Results

    • Safe and secure Transportation: No Transit Damage
    • Recycling of transport packaging for multiple use to bring down direct operational & disposal costs.
    • Much improved loadability with 25 % reduction in transportation Cost

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