Transport Management System

Holisol’s Transport Management System (TMS) has been designed based on our decades of experience of managing our customer’s transportation needs. We help transportation managers to solve their day to day tactical issues, as well as to make strategic decisions. Furthermore, with organizations seeking to increase their digitalization maturity to Artificial Intelligence (AI) levels, a TMS forms an integral component of the data lake, which will be used to drive predictive/prescriptive analytics.

In an increasingly mobile-first business environment, our Transport management system offers a smooth mobile-based experience for all the stakeholders (Logistics Users, Transporters, Loading Supervisors, Drivers, Customers, etc.), with a seamless real-time transfer of information. We incorporate your business logic into the TMS via smart algorithms, so that your transportation operations are automated, audit friendly, and easy to manage.

Based on your business requirements you may opt for our pay-as-you-go SaaS option, or choose to license our enterprise version with richer and more powerful features, and unique customizations.

We look forward to solving your challenges and making your transportation management effortless!


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Your challenges

    • Manual Indenting
    • No real-time status of an order
    • No real-time update of vehicle status
    • Unstructured Data Handling
    • No Performance Evaluation





Impact on Business

    • Manual indent creation is a time consuming and error prone activity
    • No clarity on order status prior or post- dispatch
    • Bad customer experience due to delayed information, or lack of updates
    • Managing complex distribution is challenging for paper-based operations
    • Analyze your transporter’s performance to drive business excellence


Proposition – TMS

    • System Generated Indent – Eliminate manual errors, go green initiative
    • Real-time updates – Specific notifications for defined stakeholders. (Order status, ETA/delays, Geofence breach, etc.)
    • Live Tracking – Proper tracking with proactive intimation improves customer experience
    • One Dashboard – Complete visibility of your overall operations
    • Business Analytics – Get detailed insights and trends for your business performance

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