9 08, 2021

Holisol Logistics Expands Network Space

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Holisol Logistics Expands Network Space by 35% in Q1FY22 to reach the total area of 1.3 million sq. Ft.

Adds Dark Stores, Fulfilment Centres, and Hyper-Local Network

Holisol Logistics, India’s leading E2E tech-enabled supply chain logistics company which owns and operates one of India’s largest independent fulfilment centre network, today reported addition of 0.4 million Sq. Ft. network area in the first quarter of current financial year. This network expansion provides 35% additional coverage to Holisol’s existing customer base of global & domestic brands, which enables them to reach their end consumers quickly and fulfil their orders faster.

In addition to serving more […]

4 06, 2021

Holisol Logistics Raises Capital From Northern Arc Capital

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Holisol Logistics Raises Capital From Northern Arc Capital

Fundraise will help Holisol scale up its fulfilment network across India and enable its customers to reach their end consumer across 80+ cities in India

Holisol, India’s leading E2E tech-enabled supply chain logistics company, today announced that it has raised debt of USD 3.0m from Northern Arc Capital, a leading digital debt platform. This is the fifth round of fund raise for Holisol. The first angel round happened in 2013, raising USD 1.5m from Sundeep Bhandari promoted Datavision Systems Pvt. Ltd. In 2015, Holisol raised USD 10m from CLSA Capital Partners and in 2017, […]

8 04, 2021

How is the Apparel industry adapting to the supply chain to meet increasing demands?

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To capitalize on the massive potential, the apparel industry needs to ensure that they are on top of their supply chains. Supply chains hence are emerging a some of the key focus areas with a lot of focus and energy being spent on realigning the supply chain strategies to suit the emerging business dynamics. A few of the key areas apparel world is focussing on making their supply chains omni-enabled, agile, digital, transparent, predictive and sustainable. Read the full article here.

27 07, 2020

Holisol launches VERDIS Visibility for higher level of supply chain performance

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After the successful launch of PPC (production planning and control) & DAP (dispatch allocation planning) modules of VERDIS, Holisol launches ‘Verdis Visibility’ under a strategic partnership with Cogneau Systems.

Verdis Visibility, part of VERDIS platform (Holisol’s AI and ML-driven supply chain solutions system), provides complete end-to-end visibility of supply chain processes in terms of the key parameters relevant to the organisation. The integrated flow of material and information is captured and easily available in the ‘Dashboards’ of Verdis Visibility, in real-time, automated and online manner, enabling monitoring, analysis and quick decision making in the complex supply chains of today.

Verdis Visibility offers […]

30 06, 2020

Holisol takes a step further in enabling omnichannel e-commerce

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Holisol, conceptualised to meet the fulfilment needs of the customers, has evolved further by taking the next step in enabling omni channel retail e-commerce.

After developing one of the largest networks of multi-user fulfilment centres in India, the company has scaled up the fulfilment capabilities by adding self-serving ‘Automated Sales Centre (ASC)’, an innovative tech-based solution that enables ‘24*7 touchless buying’of product. 

Along with this, the company has created a strong & tech-enabled network of Pick-up centres, Customer experience centres, Rapid fulfilment centres, Return/refurbishment centres, Dark Stores, Exchange stores, Omni channel retail fulfilment centres and Collection centres enabling seamless omnichannel shopping experience for […]

23 06, 2020

Holisol extends its tech stack to optimize production planning & control and dispatch allocation planning.

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Holisol Logistics, a leading supply chain solution provider has been offering full-stack logistics systems like WMS, TMS, OCFS etc to digitalise customers’ supply chain. With the launch of PPC (production planning & control) and DAP (dispatch allocation planning), Holisol is extending its offering into the customers manufacturing supply chains. 

VERDIS, Holisol’s AI and ML system has added these two additional modules to assist the customer to optimise their production and dispatch planning by analysing demand, sales forecasts, production capacities, rules and planning constraints analysing up to 75m data points to give an output which has helped customers save several million and […]

8 05, 2020

Give us an overview of the international supply chain logistics of Agri-equipment.

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Today we are in discussion with Ashish Sharma to understand about international supply chain logistics Agri-Equipment. Ashish has expertise in designing & implementing the integrated packaging & logistics solutions for the automotive & agriculture industry.

Give us the brief overview of the supply chain of Agri-equipment

International supply chain logistics of Agri-equipment consist of exporting either parts or the complete built units of Agri-equipment. India is not only the biggest market, but it is also one of the largest exporters of tractors in the world.

Holisol is one of the leading logistics solution providers for Agri-equipment and has dispatched more than 1.5 lakh tractors and 5 lakh major parts such […]

6 05, 2020

Holisol Logistics develops ‘Social Distancing’ tech solution

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Holisol Logistics, in partnership with Evoxyz Software, has developed a tech-based solution for effective practising of ‘social distancing’ at their fulfilment centres.

The new solution is based on ‘Bluetooth technology’ which helps in monitoring the safety norm of ‘social distancing’ between the co-workers at the workplace.

As a part of the system, we have implemented a tag-based ID card for the co-workers and ‘Bluetooth readers’ inside the facility to receive data from the tags.

In case of a breach, the system raises the alarm in the mobile app of the co-worker and simultaneously alerts the site supervisor & manager. The system logs and maintains […]

5 05, 2020

Holisol develops digital solution to monitor ‘Safety Practices at Workplace’ during COVID-19 crisis

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In addition to standard safety guidelines, monitoring safety practices at warehouse/other operations sites as per MHA guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is going to be one of the most important parts of daily operations for businesses. To ensure the safety of people at work, Holisol Logistics in collaboration with ClairViz has developed and implemented an app-based solution ‘DOMM’” (Digital Operations & Maintenance Management System).

In ‘DOMMS’, there is a digital checklist based on the guidelines from MHA/WHO/local authorities related to the safety of people at the workplace from COVID-19.

With ‘DOMMS’ each user’s role is mapped with a task and […]

27 04, 2020

Holistic talk with Shalin Sharma on returnable packaging in supply chain

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Today we are in discussion with Shalin Sharma to understand the importance of “returnable & sustainable packaging in the prevailing situation of COVID-2019”.

Shalin has experience of working with leading OEMs and suppliers in transforming their packaging from a logistics perspective for better handling, storage & transportation.

Q So, how do you define returnable or reusable packaging?     

Returnable & reusable packaging is designed to be used for multiple cycles over a prolonged time. It is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative solution for businesses with a frequent flow of materials.

Returnable packaging unit loads are made from a wide range of materials such as:

Plastics: crates, […]

9 04, 2020

Holistic Talk with Naveen Rawat on building resilience in supply chain.

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Threats to supply chain have been around the natural disasters, accidents, and intentional disruptions, their likelihood and consequences heightened by long, global supply chains, ever-shrinking product lifecycles, and volatile and unpredictable markets. No sure way exists for overcoming all such risks, especially high-impact/low-probability events such as the current outbreak of COVID 2019.

Dealing with the prospect and the manifestation of unquantifiable risk, the supply chain needs to be resilient. So, we asked our Director – Naveen Rawat who has over 20 years of industry experience and have expertise in designing fulfilment solutions for multi-channel retail, “How we can help our customers in […]

9 07, 2019

Holisol Launches AI Powered Supply Chain Visibility and Analytics Platform

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Harnessing the power of data by using data science techniques is the next big driver of competitive advantage for businesses. With the objective of helping business tap into this power, Holisol Logistics Private Limited in partnership with Cogneau Systems Private Limited has launched ‘Verdis’ (Virtual Data ScientistTM), an Artificial Intelligence platform focused on the supply chain function.

Holisol, with its domain expertise of supply chain, and Cogneau systems, an AI and Big Data company, first came together in 2017 to develop an AI product, especially for the supply chain space. With Holisol sharing years of knowledge and expertise in the supply […]