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Holisol Logistics, in partnership with Evoxyz Software, has developed a tech-based solution for effective practising of ‘social distancing’ at their fulfilment centres.

The new solution is based on ‘Bluetooth technology’ which helps in monitoring the safety norm of ‘social distancing’ between the co-workers at the workplace.

As a part of the system, we have implemented a tag-based ID card for the co-workers and ‘Bluetooth readers’ inside the facility to receive data from the tags.

In case of a breach, the system raises the alarm in the mobile app of the co-worker and simultaneously alerts the site supervisor & manager. The system logs and maintains detailed reports allowing constant monitoring, analysis & feedback. The data can also be used for a reliable contact tracing if needed.

A successful trial has been completed in one of Holisol’s fulfilment centres in Delhi and now they are gearing up to roll it out at their other facilities in India.

As per Rahul S Dogar, Co-Founder of Holisol Logistics “In this unprecedented time safety of our co-workers is of prime importance to us. With the help of this newly developed technology, we will be able to ensure the safety of our co-workers by practising social distancing.”

“I believe that the requirement of social distancing is here to stay for long. The use of technology would help us to remind our co-workers to maintain it for their own and others’ safety. We are very thankful to our technology partner Evoxyz to understand our requirements and quickly configure their technology to dish-out this solution. We will deploy this technology to all our operational sites including our offices once they reopen after lockdown and are happy to offer it to others who are interested. Fighting COVID-19 is a common goal for everyone”, as shared by Rahul.

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