Project Description

About the customer:

A leading premium Indian motorcycle brand.

Customer challenges:

  • Over clustering and low visibility of bikes outside the yard
  • High pick time, wrong picking and non-maintenance of FIFO
  • Heavy traffic and more dwell time of trucks within the factory
  • No control over dock utilisation
  • Disjointed collaboration between different stakeholders within the outbound process
  • High information lead time & inaccurate ETAs

Holisol solution:

We provided the customer with e-logistics solutions, which managed to ease out most of the challenges faced by them:

  • The yard management became better as the yard was mapped into the system which gave clear visibility of space availability; this eased the use of critical spaces within the factory by almost 80%
  • Customer’s staff was provided with the handhelds with chassis number and geolocations of the bikes to resolve the wrong picking; which was brought down to ZERO
  • The trucks were let into the factory as and when required and were monitored for their dwelling time inside the factory by capturing the Gate in/Gate out time; alerts were generated if the truck was inside the factory for more than the stipulated time
  • Docks were utilised properly as the system started recording the time taken for loading every truck
  • The collaboration within the stakeholders became more efficient as each process was monitored with timestamp
  • KPIs were monitored closely leading to more employee involvement and gave the client a heads up if there was a requirement for training
  • Transport management became more efficient and objective; by monitoring the vehicles, the service level of the transporters was vastly improved
  • Contract management of transporters and freight verification became easier as the system itself generated and verified the invoices immediately after the trip was over
  • Preventive alerts were set to trigger before SLAs are missed so that mitigation to meet SLAs can be taken

Benefits for the customer:

  • 100% SKU wise stock visibility
  • Detention cost and time was lowered by almost 50% in the first 3 months
  • Reduced TAT of picking the vehicle from picking yard to dispatch area, from days to minutes; picking time reduced by 40%
  • Reduced fragmented stock of finished goods
  • Control on TAT of shipments
  • Ease of sequencing of vehicles and monitoring activities
  • Predicted estimated date and time of delivery generated
  • Improved the scalability and speed
  • Access to real time freight data and analysis
  • Organizational control
  • More efficient and monitored manpower utilisation
  • Increased customer service

Growing partnership with the customer:

Currently, we have done this at the factory and primary transport level. The ROI of the software has been established and the customer has now given the go-ahead to implement this software at the 29 depots across the country and the secondary transport. They want to develop more features into the system so that they can monitor the last leg much better. While doing this we have also got the opportunity to set-up & manage their depots.

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