Project Description

About Customer

One of the leading fashion houses in India, an aggressive player in the ready to wear apparel segment with many reputed brands. They also have a prominent presence across diverse segments such as FMCG, Engineering, and Prophylactics in national and international markets.

Customer Requirement

With a strong presence in the offline retail including 257 Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBOs), 3,300 Multi Brand Outlets (MBOs) (through distributor network), 800 Large Format Store (LFS) chains customer wanted to foray into the e-commerce space. The objective was to expand its customer base and offer comfort to their loyal customer by giving access to all their products online.

Customer Challenge

Being a traditional offline retailer, the client did not have expertise in online retail but needed a partner who had the relevant experience in terms of managing a similar e-commerce operation. It was also important for them to find a partner who could meet their stringent requirements in terms of quality control & adherence to SLA’s.

Holisol Solution

After a thorough analysis of data on projected inventories and order volumes, a pay per use fulfilment solution in a dedicated fulfilment center was designed by Holisol. Along with this we also designed business specific value-added services like facilities for sewing, steam ironing, and stain removal.

Based on their projections, we created a dynamic solution with an ability to scale up the operation as per the business requirement. Such as when they started selling on different marketplaces the WMS had to be reconfigured to seamlessly manage orders from multiple online marketplaces in addition to the customer’s own website.

We implemented their quality control standards in the facility. The process includes – QC started by looking at their inward packaging, per piece. The apparels could not be opened during the inbound stage, only the outside packaging of the products had to be checked. During the outbound stage, each product was physically checked. The packaging was opened for product inspection and then repackaged in new packaging (depending on if it was a marketplace order or on the company’s portal, the specific packaging had to be used).

Benefit to the Customer

Holisol was running a zero-error operation for the customer & servicing both domestic and international orders. A pay per use model has helped optimize costs and has provided options for scalability. The provision for all ancillary services within the same premises has made overall operations much more efficient. The servicing that could be in the region and keeping in the outstanding of having a deliberate response and keeping the only thing that also with the kind of satisfaction which operates with legitimate kind of things that could be the reason of having and keeping up with the last full of companies.

  • Efficient management of 10,000 sq. ft dedicated Fulfillment Centre.
  • Inventory storage & management of 1,00,000 pieces with 100% accuracy in inventory.
  • Seasonality proof operations, during peak season we served up to 5x orders. Additional orders were also processed within the same SLAs without any disruption.
  • Seamless Integration of new software into their system.
  • Speed in operations, served all orders that came in up to 60 minutes before the logistic partner arrives for pickup.
  • SLA’s delivered by Holisol as per the promise.

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