Project Description

Brief About Customer

Our customer is the most loved ethnic fashion brand & an aggressive player in the ready to wear apparel segment in India.

Customer Requirement

With a strong presence in offline market with over 150 exclusive brand outlets (EBOs) and 225 multi-brand outlets (MBOs), our customer wanted to extend its reach to tier 2 & tier 3 cities by marking its presence in the online e-commerce space.

Being a traditional offline retailer, the client was looking for a 3pl provider who not only have a capability of setting up an end to end fulfilment operations for them but also who could meet their stringent requirements in terms of quality control & adherence to SLA’s.

Our Solution

Our team conducted thorough analysis based on the historical data and volume projections of the customer. Basis the insights from the data we offered fulfilment services at our ready to use multi-user facility which was equipped to manage the present requirement with an ability to scale up to manage the surge in volume.

• we managed their multi-channel sales order under one roof i.e. both B2B and B2C orders from one facility.

• for higher end-customer satisfaction our team implemented the Quality Check (QC) operations prior to the dispatch. Under which we:

– looked at their inward packaging, per piece basis

– checked the packaging of the product during the inbound and physically checked the product at the outbound stage

– ensured 100% quality check as per our customer’s guidelines; opened the packaging for product inspection and then repackaged in new packaging (depending on if it was a marketplace order or on the company’s portal, the specific packaging had to be used)

– combined these operational services and to meet customer’s requirement of visibility of the orders Holisol reconfigured third party Warehouse Management System (WMS) to manage both B2B and B2C order efficiently in one system.

Benefits to the Customer

• We ran a zero-error operation for the customer & end to end fulfilment activity for both online and offline orders

• Helped in optimising their cost with the pay per use model and provided options for scalability

• The provision of running all the operations within the same premises made overall operations more efficient

• Efficient management of 7,000 sq. ft. in multi fulfilment centre in Mundka with a daily average of 500+ B2C orders

• Inventory storage & management of more than 1,00,000 unit of 8000+ SKUs with 100% accuracy in inventory

• Seasonality proof operations; during the peak season and sale time we served order 3X of the daily orders

• SLA’s delivered by Holisol as per the promise; additional orders were also processed within the same SLAs without any disruption

• Speed in operations, served all orders that came in up to 60 minutes before the logistic partner arrives for pickup