Project Description


About the customer

The customer is a leading apparel company in the retail sector that includes product lines ranging from affordable to premier international brands.

Customer Challenge

Our customer has one of the highest sales volumes in India. On an average 20% of total sales volume was being returned which resulted in:

  • High volumes of wastage
  • Revenue loss

The customer was looking for an organised player who not only understood the return process but could also facilitate the refurbishment infrastructure and services; to enable them to reduce the wastage & resale of the products.

 Our Solution

At Holisol, we provide customized end to end solutions to our customers and as per our customer’s requirement, we added refurbishment as a part of their fulfilment solution. Our vertical experts gained the insight of both the forward and return supply chain of the customer’s product and developed the required infrastructure to execute refurbishment activities.

Overview of the process implementation and execution:

  • Customisation and set up of specialised machinery to handle the complete refurbishment activity for both apparel and footwear
  • Provided dedicated and skilled manpower who were trained for refurbishment services as per the customer’s requirement
  • Refurbishment activities included – dry cleaning, removing dust, fingerprints, and sports, folding of the garment, quality check, tagging and re-packing
  • Ensured minimised usage of environmentally hazardous chemicals
  • Provided ready for store shelf-packed goods

 Benefits to the customer

With refurbishment there is:

  • Increase in the number of the refurbishment of products from 50% to 80%
  • A considerable amount of gain in revenue by the sale of the refurbished products even sold at 70% off than selling the returned products per kilo as what was practiced prior to refurbishment
  • Reduction in the number of pieces being salvaged
  • Less waste being dumped to the landfills
  • Huge reduction in the rejection rate of the refurbished items
  • Increased environmental consciousness and sustainability

 Growing relationship:

Due to the success of the ongoing refurbishment solutions being provided, the customer has increased the volume for the future and added new lines of products to be readied for resale through refurbishment. Holisol will be expanding its scope of services in various geographies. The idea is to extend Holisol’s refurbishment services to the customer’s other local and global brands and make this an integral part of their fulfilment supply chain.

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