Project Description


About the customer:

A leading global nutrition brand that develops, markets and sells dietary supplements, weight management, sports nutrition and personal care products. The company operates in 94 countries and started its journey in India in 1999. Presently customer is serving their sales associates from 1,000 service delivery points & quick response centre across India.

Customer Supply Chain Challenge & Aspiration:

The customer wanted to fulfil the order of sales associate faster. As per the customer’s own insight, faster fulfilment of order will enable sales associate to secure & place new orders quicker.  For this customer initiated the set-up of ordering & pick-up centres with Holisol across India, thus moving inventory closer to the demand and enable faster fulfilment.

Further to enhance buying & fulfilment experience, a project for implementation of “Automated Attendant” (AA) and “Automated Sales Centre” (ASC) technology was initiated with Holisol.

Holisol Solution:

We engaged with the premier automated sales solution provider in Europe and brought expertise to India. We took the E2E responsibility for the implementation of “Auto Attendant”  (AA) and “Automated Sales Centre” (ASC) technology (both software & hardware). The project management includes;

Infrastructure set up

  1. Sourcing & inbound logistic
    1. Importation of machine and parts from Europe
    2. Customs Clearance
    3. Storage & assembling on the units
    4. Delivery of the units at store sites
  2. Store set up
    1. Location identification and lease negotiation
    2. Customisation of the store – Signages, Branding & Visual set up
  3. IT & Support set up
    1. Product & Software customisation for India
    2. The localisation of hardware assembly
    3. Full system integration, implementation & support.

Benefits of the solution:

  • (AA) -Auto Attendant replacing the older model of order placement through the manned delivery counter.
  • Implementation of first “Auto Attendant technology” in Saket, New Delhi centre
  • 24×7 order placing via Kiosk machine with multiple payment channels, especially helping the management of peaks during day/month.
  • Real-time order punch-in and order slip generation
  • Daily/monthly reconciliations & reporting
  • Overall, seamless ordering and fulfilment experience

Expansion of automation project in full swing:

  • Immediate implementation of 5 new AA and ASC along with the dispenser machine.
  • Plan to set up 100 more AA / ASC in the next 2 years.

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