Project Description


About the customer

One of India’s leading Direct Selling Companies offering products in the categories of personal care, color cosmetics & skin care, home care, laundry care, agriculture, auto care, nutrition, food & beverage and health & wellness.


Customer Challenges

32 Mn. decision nodes were manually processed by one dedicated resource to create a replenishment plan based on supplier, product, quantity, location, transportation type & lead time. Manual process led to error, inefficiencies, delays and:

  • High Complexity
  • Longer TAT to create plans
  • No real-time visibility of critical stock
  • Managing the ageing of inventory
  • Stock out or Overstock at FCs
  • Critical Stock prioritization
  • Delayed replenishment of promo products
  • 70% capacity utilization of truck
  • Gap in planning vs execution (warehouse & manpower capacity)


 Impact on Business

  • Variance in demand vs stock replenishment
  • Loss of opportunity to sell
  • Financial losses due to ageing issue
  • Higher inventory holding cost
  • Longer lead time to replenish
  • Higher cost of operations



  • Implemented VERDIS RAP (AI & BI enabled Replenishment Allocation Planning)
  • (Automated and optimized the replenishment planning
  • Enabled system-based stock analysis
  • Automated Dispatch Planning
  • Automated Transportation planning
  • System based recommendation of transporter and route
  • Dashboard view to make informed decision


 Key benefits:

  • Demand-driven replenishment
  • Planning time reduced from 7 days to 10 minutes
  • 25 plans creation in 3 hours
  • Enabled advance planning option (7 days to 1 month)
  • Real-time visibility of stock
  • Delivery route optimization (the nearest supply origin)
  • Improved speed time to shelf
  • Increase productivity & efficiency
  • Higher product availability
  • Lower cost-to-serve


 Value Addition:

  • 10 mins to create 1 plan
  • 99% stock availability
  • 9% accuracy in allocation planning
  • 30% reduction in inventory days

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