Project Description

Customer Overview: A leading Franchisee for premier international fashion brands in India.

Customer Challenges:

  • Expansion Goals: The customer aimed for significant growth, pushing D2C volume for existing brands and expanding to international markets.
  • Capacity Fluctuations: Frequent temporary capacity expansion was needed to manage peak seasons for B2B business and sales promotion offers for D2C business.

Holisol’s Solution:

  • Strategic Fulfillment Center Design: Developed a comprehensive fulfilment centre design based on historical and projected inventory and throughput data.
  • Automation and Digitization: Introduced automation and digitized processes to streamline operations.
  • Infrastructure Enhancement: Set up new infrastructure to support automation, paperless picking and sorting, and implemented micro-innovations to improve productivity.

KPI Improvement:

  • Order Fulfillment Efficiency: Achieved 100% order fulfillment even with a 300% increase in orders during peak season.
  • Inventory Accuracy: Enhanced inventory accuracy from 92% to 100%.
  • Efficiency Boost: Increased efficiency of packers by 30%.
  • Cost Reduction: Achieved a 40% reduction in costs due to energy savings and a 20% cost reduction due to manpower optimization.