Project Description


About The Customer

A leading franchise for premier international fashion brands; one of the first few retail organization to focus on introducing the retail of premier international brands in India through ‘Exclusive Brand Outlets’ format.

Customer Challenges / Requirement

  • Customer has a major expansion plans for the coming quarters with a major push on the D2C (Direct to Consumer) volume growth for the existing brands & introduction of new international brands in the market
  • Required additional storage & handling capacity to manage the enhanced business volume
  • Temporary capacity enhancement on frequent basis to manage the peaks for the season for B2B business and managing frequent sales promotion offers for D2C business


Solution Designed & Implemented

  1. Based on the thorough analysis of both past & projected inventory and throughput data, Holisol came up with a comprehensive ‘Fulfilment Centre Design’ ensuring:
    • Capacity expansion by adding additional space & storage infrastructure
    • Productivity & efficiency improvement by making judicious use of mechanisation such as deploying conveyors for both horizontal and vertical movement of the goods
    • Improving decision support system by having real-time visibility using ‘handheld devices’ resulting in paperless operations
    • Cost optimization using micro improvements in both process & infrastructure
  2. Fulfilled additional space as per the requirement
  3. Introduced automation & digitization of the processes
  4. Set up of a first of its kind facility for the customer:


a. Set up of new infrastructure to support the automation.

  • G+2 racking system to store more than 1 Mn pieces.
  • Design & implemented ‘Circular Conveyor System’ covering 20 feet of distance for movement of packed products or to be packed products between sorting-packaging-dispatch areas


b. Implemented Paperless Picking & Sorting.

  • Deployed Cerebrum (Holisol WMS) to manage the marketplace order processing
  • Implemented HHT based Put Away, Picking & Sorting Modules
  • Packing table equipped with CCTV camera to record the orders packing in real-time
  • Launched ‘Dashboard’ for real-time monitoring of the order processing and status of inventory based on the qty. & value


c. Introduced Micro Innovations to improve workforce productivity & efficiency.

  • Designed ergo efficient outbound workstations for comfortable workflow
  • Implemented slotted angle racks for sorting bins for easy movement & long durability
  • Replaced old picking trolley with modular designed picking trolley, more suited for aisle movement
  • Designed courier trolley with strong build & multiple wheels to make picking & put away easier
  • Implementation of sensor-based lights for auto on/off


Benefits to the customer

  • Serving all the sales channels from single pool of inventory
  • Enhanced accuracy & productivity
  • Micro innovations led to less fatigue & higher efficiency of resources
  • Saving in energy bill due to sensor-based lights
  • Reduced manpower required for handling packed boxes & to be packed boxes


Key Achievements

  • Achieved 100% order fulfilment even with 300% increase in orders during peaks
  • Enhanced inventory accuracy from 92% to 100%
  • 50% increase in productivity
  • 30% increase in the efficiency of packers
  • 40% cost reduction on account of energy saving
  • 20% cost reduction on account of reducing the manpower