Project Description


About Customer

We are assisting more than 15 established global and domestic cosmetics brands, providing them with fulfilment solutions for their multi-channel B2C sales. The fulfilment operations in the cosmetic industry is a highly detail-oriented process which requires knowledgeable and skilled team to handle the day-to-day challenges.


Customer Challenges

  • Lack of service providers who have the first-hand experience in B2C order fulfilment
  • Lack of knowledge in handling time-sensitive products and not been able to process on the first in first out model basis
  • Lack of temperature-controlled facilities and specialised manpower to handle cosmetics
  • Consistent miss on SLA’s and other deliverables leading to business and revenue loss and being temporarily suspended by the sales channels
  • High volumes of in-transit damage due to inadequate packaging
  • Lack of stock visibility
  • Handline the peak season volumes


Solution Designed & Implemented

Due to our extensive experience in the cosmetics industry; a lot of prominent brands turned to Holisol to seek assistance in building a seamless fulfilment process for them.

Our solutions include:

  • A team of experienced professionals with years of experience in handling B2C order fulfilment from our PAN India facilities
  • Scaled up operations by adding new locations within Holisol network to cater to the growing number of sales channels and bring them closer to their consumption market
  • Enhanced packaging solutions to reduce leakage and breakage during transit
  • Flexible with using Holisol’s in-house WMS (warehouse management system) and third-party tech. solutions
  • Able to align manpower with minimum notice from client


How we implemented it

  • Temperature control storage facility for temperature sensitive products
  • Kitting for online & offline orders
  • On- Time packaging and dispatch for 99% fulfillable orders
  • Outwards QC to reduce damaged and expired products from going out
  • Extensive QC at inbound and outbound to reduce errors in shipment and help enhance customer experience


Benefits to the customer

  • 100% On-Time order processing
  • Meeting 99.5% SLAs on a day to day basis
  • Within 24 hours inward / GRN
  • Minimum order cancellation
  • Improved customer experience and sales
  • RTO’s processed within marketplace required TATs
  • Better packaging for restore quality of goods shipped
  • On time deliveries

Customers come to Holisol for the knowledge and experience provided to process B2B and B2C orders. Additionally, specialized services and skilled manpower along with clear visibility of stock gives clients the confidence that Holisol will provide premium services. Maintaining SLAs is an integral part of fulfilment which leads to faster scale up and higher sales. Volumes are increasing on a month on month basis and as Holisol has been able to keep up and maintain operations excellence, customers are happy with the solutions provided.