Project Description


About the customer

An Indian multinational brand in personal and wellness care produces a wide range of herbal products using ayurvedic ingredients for local and international consumer market.

The customer has implemented Holisol WMS in Central Warehouse at Dubai and is implementing at individual country level warehouses with translation in local language, to digitize the complete operations.

Customer Challenges

  • Manual inventory management based on
    – FEFO
    – Batch level
    – Manufacture level
    – Multi-country & lingual level
  • Low inventory visibility for all market
  • Stock-outs
  • Loss of Sales
  • No visibility of order fulfilment
  • Manual reporting
  • Inaccuracies & delays


 How we solved it?

  • An integrated WMS for:
    – managing inventory
    – dispatch planning
    – transportation planning
  • Seamless integration with ERPs
    – manufacturer
    – transporter
    – shipping line
  • Automatic suggested put away
  • Automated picking & packing
  • System based Order Management & Fulfillment
  • System based site-wise replenishment
  • Auto invoicing & reporting (directly to mailbox)


Key benefits:

  • Digitization of warehousing and fulfilment processes
  • Single point of visibility of global inventory
  • Efficient order management
  • Ease of use with simple UI & multi-lingual option
  • Inventory visibility at all desired level


Value Addition:

  • 30% increase in productivity
  • 100% order fulfillment
  • 100% inventory visibility & tracking
  • 100% accuracy in cycle count
  • 100% OTIF

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