Project Description


About the customer

An Indian multinational brand in personal and wellness care produces a wide range of herbal products using ayurvedic ingredients for local and international consumer market.


Customer Challenges

  • Disconnected planning of Procurement-Production-Fulfilment-Allocation
  • Every task carried out based on human intuition
  • Limitation in current system of planning
  • No unified view of inventory
  • No visibility of critical stock for RM (raw material) and PM (packaging material)
  • Variable product codes specific to the plant
  • Full utilization of capacity – Transport & Facility
  • Raw Material Procurement & Replenishment Challenges
  • Production Planning of FG (Finished Goods) issues
  • Fulfilment Planning issues
  • How to allocate stock to each country


Impact on Business

  • Inefficiencies in planning
  • Inaccuracy and delays
  • Higher cost of operations
  • Production delays of priority products
  • Fragmented visibility of the whole planning process
  • Lower CFR (Cash Flow Return)


How we solved it?

  • Implemented VERDIS – AI/BI platform to automate and optimize Procurement, Production, Fulfilment and Replenishment Planning
  • Automation of supplier and transport type choices for optimum utility, lead time and best pricing
  • Dashboard view of performance for each function, one inventory different perspective


Key benefits:

  • 100% Automation of Procurement-Production-Fulfilment-Replenishment Planning
  • End-to-end visibility at one single platform
  • Route Optimization
  • Best supplier choice and allocation
  • Visibility of Critical Stock of RM and PM


Value Addition:

  • 86% to 95% improvement in CFR
  • Planning time reduced from 48 hr to 30 mins
  • Resource reduced: 3 to 1
  • Cost to produce reduce by 13%
  • Changeover reduced from 58 to 40 per month.
  • Any scenario changes implemented in 30 mins

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