Project Description


About the Customer

A largest brand in India offers a wide range of industrial and decorative paint solutions. Customer owns five manufacturing plant in UPHaryana and MaharashtraTamil Nadu and Gujarat.

Customer Challenges:

For their plant in Gujarat, they were facing problems which led to increase in operational cost and effect on customer satisfaction.

  • Delay in offloading of inbound of raw materials
  • Delay in put away as the offloading was not done in a sequenced manner
  • Manual record management of inventory
  • Unorganised storage of raw material
  • Lower visibility & accuracy of inventory
  • Higher wastage of the raw material
  • Lower productivity due to untrained manpower
  • Delays in offloading the shipments at forward stock location
  • Delays in order fulfilment impacting production line of customer
  • Higher turnaround time of truck from plant-depot-plant due to offloading delays

Holisol Solution:

Holisol team designed & implemented the process for both inbound logistics which included raw material handling & feeding to production line and outbound logistics of finished goods including inventory management & order fulfilment.

  • Re-engineered the storage lay-out based on the movement of product to meet the requirements of both inbound & outbound operations
  • Hired and trained right people on how the processes need to be managed based on customer requirement
  • Streamlined receiving, offloading and put away of the raw material in a designated area
  • Line feeding of raw material to production line in the stipulated time
  • Inventory management of raw material and finished products
  • Set up & managed the outbound operations for order fulfilment of the finished material
  • Transformed transportation process by digitizing the process with TMS (Transport Management System):
    • Started system-based delivery schedules to forward stock locations
    • Started system-based tracking of trucks
    • Started exception alert for monitoring offloading delays at the depot to reduce the TAT between plant-depot-plant

Benefits to the customer: 

  • Reduced the picking time and increased efficiency by 30%
  • In time production was increased from 80% to 98%
  • Cost was reduced by 15%
  • Achieved OTIF of 100%
  • Reduced order to supply TAT by 20%

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