IT Solutions

The speed at which changes are taking place in almost every industry, each business needs to adopt a technology,  sooner the better.  Not only this, significant decisions in the business revolve around the implementation of technology to achieve unprecedented long-term goals.

Along with this, technology brings with it short-term benefits too which make the operations easier and efficient. Holisol’s in-house IT experts have developed solutions for efficient management of supply chain operations and improving the excellence in internal processes.

We understand it is imperative to look at the internal operations too which are essential to keep the business engine running.

We have classified our IT solutions two segments – Operations Management Systems and Operations Excellence Systems.

1. Operations Management Systems – Holisol’s Operations Management Systems enable automation of operations, drive productivity and enhance an efficiency of your supply chain.

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Delivery Management System (DMS)
  • Holiscope – Last Mile Delivery
  • Holisol Operation Management System (HOMS)
  • Unit Load Management System (ULMS)
  • Freight Calculator
  • Pick and Pack (PNP) System

2. Operations Excellence Systems – Holisol’s  Operations  Excellence Systems have been designed keeping in view the need to raise the excellence levels of your teams.  These IT solutions are designed in lieu with the value system of any organization which motivates the employees to perform better as well as drive them for achieving desired customer satisfaction levels.

  • Delivering Operational Excellence (DopEx) – Getting Things Done!
  • Large Account Management Program (LAMP)
  • Developing Talent Holistically (D-talent)
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